Kiezellisp has the following command line:

kiezellisp-gui [options] file [user-args]
kiezellisp-con [options] [file [user-args]]

gui 'options` are:

--debug                       Debug mode.
--release                     Release mode.

con options are:

--debug                       Debug mode.
--release                     Release mode.
--repl                        Show REPL after running `file`.

file is the name of the kiezellisp source file to run and user-args are arguments to the source code file.

Starting kiezellisp-con without a file implies debug and repl. Starting kiezellisp-con with a file implies release and no repl. These defaults may be changed by supplying options.

Example 1

If file is not given, kiezellisp-con runs a REPL in debug mode.


Example 2

If file is given, kiezellisp-con runs in release mode, loads file, calls the function user::main when defined and finally calls the function exit.

kiezellisp-con my-app

Example 3

When developing a winforms application:

mono kiezellisp-con.exe my-win-app

Example 4

When running a winforms application:

mono kiezellisp-gui.exe my-win-app

Example 5

Add the --repl option to not terminate after running file.

kiezellisp-con --repl my-app