Kiezellisp has the following command line:

kiezellisp-gui [options] file [user-args]
kiezellisp-con [options] [file [user-args]]

gui 'options` are:

--debug                       Debug mode.
--release                     Release mode.

con options are:

--debug                       Debug mode.
--release                     Release mode.
--repl                        Show REPL after running `file`.
--fg number                   Terminal palette color index of text (1-16)
--bg number                   Terminal palette color index of background (1-16)

file is the name of the kiezellisp source file to run and user-args are arguments to the source code file.

The options fg and bg are required to enable the display of text in reverse colors, for example during symbol expansion by the TAB key.

Starting kiezellisp-con without a file implies debug and repl. Starting kiezellisp-con with a file implies release and no repl. These defaults may be changed by supplying options.

Example 1

If file is not given, kiezellisp-con runs a REPL in debug mode.


Example 2

If file is given, kiezellisp-con runs in release mode, loads file, calls the function user::main when defined and finally calls the function exit.

kiezellisp-con my-app

Example 3

When developing a winforms application:

mono kiezellisp-con.exe my-win-app

Example 4

When running a winforms application:

mono kiezellisp-gui.exe my-win-app

Example 5

Add the --repl option to not terminate after running file.

kiezellisp-con --repl my-app