(write item &key stream escape width padding pretty left right force base)


Writes item to the output stream stream.

stream := null | true | false | string | Window | TextWriter (default: $stdout)
escape := boolean
width := integer
padding := value-to-be-converted-to-a-string (default: #\space)
pretty := boolean
left := integer
right := integer
force := boolean
base := integer (default: 10)

If stream is null or false the output is discarded. If stream is true the output goes to $stdout which usually maps to $stdscr which is the terminal window of the REPL. If stream is a string, the output goes to the file stream-yyyy-MM-dd.log. This is thread-safe. If stream is a terminal window, output goes to the textwriter attached to the window. Otherwise stream must be a TextWriter.

If escape is false the output is text-like otherwise the output is code-like.

base is the number base for integer numbers.

width is the exact number of characters to be printed. If width is to small, the output is truncated. If width is to big, numbers are padded on the left and strings are padded on the right.

left and right are column offsets. Used pretty is true.

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